Lives You Saved


Here are some examples of how, with your help, MD1 Physicians have saved lives that surely would have been lost.

Grateful BoyA 17 year old boy was trapped in a car with a collapsed lung. An MD1 physician responded and placed a large tube in the boy’s chest, draining blood, until firefighters were able to remove him after one hour. This boy would have died without MD1 response.

FiremanA 44 year old firefighter suffered cardiac arrest. Paramedics shocked the firefighter’s heart ten times. An MD1 physician on the scene performed a recently developed double shock procedure, which saved his life. Today, this firefighter is back with his wife and children. He would have died without the presence of MD1.



MD1 physicians and EMS working on a patientA 37-year-old female was a victim of the country’s ongoing opioid crisis. She was found in the kitchen by her family in cardiac arrest. EMS and Police units attempted resuscitation. MD1 physicians arrived and used an advanced ultrasound, Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) machine in her resuscitation. This was one of the first pre-hospital applications of this technology used to guide the resuscitations outside the hospital. Her heart was successfully restarted and she was stabilized on the scene. She survived almost a week in the ICU with her family, but unfortunately, she died owing to other complications resulting from her addiction.

A 19-year-old male sustained a neck laceration while at work. His internal jugular vein and trachea were severely lacerated. He had lost a tremendous amount of blood from the injury and was in shock. EMS rushed him to the closest hospital for care. An MD1 physician met them on the way and provided hemostatic dressings, medications and two units of whole blood, available only on our physician response vehicles in New Jersey. His neck wound was packed and he received further treatment to help control the bleeding. The combined emergent resuscitation of paramedics and the MD1 Physician saved his life. He was brought to the OR for emergency surgery that day. He recovered in the ICU and was later discharged to his home and family.

A 57 year old male sustained a severe wound in his right arm and had lost a critical amount of blood. First responders applied a tourniquet to his upper arm to control the bleeding. An MD1 physician met the ambulance on the road to find the patient in shock, altered and in distress. He received a whole blood transfusion and other treatments on the way to the trauma center. After the bleeding and pain had been controlled and the emergent blood transfusion completed, he greatly improved. He was later treated and released to his home and family.

Ultasound of a patient's heartA 76-year-old female who was recovering in a rehab center, suddenly collapsed in her room in cardiac arrest. Staff started CPR immediately and EMS arrived to continue the resuscitation. She was intubated and given several medications attempting to restart her heart. An MD1 physician arrived and deployed our Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) equipment during the resuscitation. A large blood clot was noted in her right ventricle with the TEE. Her heart was restarted, A central venous line was inserted to administer medications and increase her blood pressure, while a temporary pace maker was installed to maintain her heart rate during transport to the hospital. She would have died had it not been for the MD1 Physician’s evaluation and assistance.

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Lives Saved
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