MD1 is a 24/7 Physician Response Unit with full surgical and medical capability. We bring doctors to the site of emergency situations for patients who cannot get to the hospital in the event of entrapment, transportation delay, or a mass casualty incident.

We respond anywhere, at any time at NO CHARGE TO THE PATIENT ever.

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MD1 responds to emergencies an average of 30 times per week, bringing highly specialized emergency trained physicians onsite to provide immediate life-saving care at no charge to the patient, ever.

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MD1 –  An Emergency Room on Wheels

MD1 specializes in bringing immediate life-saving care to the scene of an incident when patients are unable to get to the hospital. Whether in the case of entrapment, delay in transport, or a mass casualty incident, MD1 will respond immediately to bring onsite care with our 24/7 Physician Response Unit.

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Our team of MD1 Docs are proud to bring life-saving care to the site of emergencies. When transport to the nearest emergency room is hindered, MD1 brings the emergency room to the patient in need.

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MD1 is an emergency room on wheels, and we are pushing the boundaries of emergency medical services by bringing highly specialized emergency trained physicians onsite for immediate life-saving care.

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