What We Do

What We Do

MD1 has active Ground Response, Air Medical, Event Medicine, Medical Direction, and COVID-19 Response Teams.

Ground Response

The MD1 ground response unit is made up of a team of EMS doctors who are specially trained to treat patients outside of the hospital. MD1 Docs operate emergency response vehicles and are called to emergencies by police, fire, and EMS personnel when patients are unable to be transported to a hospital in a timely manner.

    For example, MD1 responds to:
    • Motor vehicle collisions where the patient is trapped in a car (entrapments)
    • Mass casualty incidents (MCIs) where multiple patients are injured at one time, overwhelming local EMS resources who are unable to transport everyone to the hospital at one time
    • Other instances in which a patient needs treatment outside the hospital

    Our Emergency Response Vehicles are:

    • Full emergency departments / operating rooms on wheels
    • Equipped with advanced medications and equipment which are not available to other first responders

    MD1’s Ground Response Team is specially trained and experienced to treat patients outside of the hospital.

    MD1 Docs Work WITH First Responders:

    MD1’s ground response team works alongside police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics to provide the best level of care possible to patients. Our end goal is to work together as a team to improve patient outcomes.

    If you are a first responder and would like to partner with MD1, please contact info@md1program.org.























    MD1’s Ground Response unit is supported by our generous partners.

    Other Services

    Revenue from other services contribute to the MD1 mission.

    air medical
    event medicine

    Air Medical

    MD1 provides physicians of various specialties (EMS, emergency medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, critical care, pulmonary critical care, etc.) to Medway Air Ambulance and Critical Care MedFlight for retrieval of sick patients on fixed wing medical planes throughout the world.

    For more information, please contact airmedical@md1program.org

    Event Medicine

    MD1 Docs standby at various events, including musical festivals, sporting events, races, trade shows, and more to provide medical assistance when needed.

    For more information, please contact eventmedicine@md1program.org

    Medical Direction

    MD1 provides medical direction to municipalities and companies throughout New Jersey, as well as multiple other locations across the United States.

    For more information, please contact medicaldirection@md1program.org

    COVID-19 Response

    In partnership with Rapid Reliable Testing (rrtesting.com), MD1 provides medical oversight for COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs across the United States. Additionally, MD1 pivoted our ground response mission during COVID-19 in order to support our brothers and sisters in EMS during the pandemic:

      • Provided COVID-19 / PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) education and training to local EMS agencies
      • Donated PPE to local EMS agencies in need
      • Responded to all levels of 911 calls – not just entrapments and MCIs – to support local EMS agencies that were overwhelmed by high call volumes during the peak of the pandemic
      • Intubated patients while wearing PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) in order to protect others on the front lines from viral transmission during this high-risk procedure

    For more information, please contact covidresponse@md1program.org