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Bringing Highly Trained Emergency Physicians & Life-Saving Medical Care to Patients in Need.

The MD1 Mission:

MD1’s primary mission is to improve patient outcome by supporting local first responders and providing advanced, physician-level medical care at emergencies where critical patients cannot get to a hospital in a timely manner. We deploy physicians specialized in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the sites of emergencies across the state of New Jersey. MD1 services are 100% free and are rendered without qualification to the general public.

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Why MD1?


MD1 deploys doctors with highly specialized skills, medications, and equipment to the sites of emergencies where people in need are unable to reach a hospital in a timely manner.

MD1 Docs support the efforts of local police, fire, and EMS agencies to improve patient outcome and save lives by providing advanced medications and procedures that are not available to local first responders.

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Number of Lives Saved By MD1 through Your Support

MD1 Operates at No Charge to Any Patient, Ever.

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, MD1 does not charge any patient, hospital, or healthcare system for its services.

When you become a partner with MD1, you become a partner in saving lives. Your support helps us continue to be there for our friends, families, and communities during their most dire emergency situations and save lives.