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COVID-19: MD1 on the Front Lines

Issue 1

A Message from Dr. Mark Merlin

To offer support and positivity during this unprecedented time, MD1 will be sending a bimonthly newsletter and posting daily videos to its YouTube Channel. Spreading facts, not fear, we want to keep our supporters well-informed and assured that we will get through this difficult time together.

MD1 on the Front Lines

CBS News reports: MD1 Offers Protection to NJ First Responders Amid Pandemic
IN OTHER NEWS: MD1 Program Receives $25,000 Grant from Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey to Provide
Enhanced COVID-19 Training to First Responders

COVID-19 Fact of the Week

More humidity in the air means fewer deaths from COVID-19
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MD1’s Hero of the Week


MD1’s Hero of the Week goes to Tony Brown and the rest of the team at Pacific American Life Science Learning Center in San Diego, California.

 Tony and his team donated thousands of caps and gowns, which have been distributed to first responders across the state of New Jersey. An encouraging reminder that we will all get through this difficult time together by supporting one another, even from 3,000 miles away!

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