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COVID-19: MD1 on the Front Lines

Issue 6

MD1 on the Front Lines

Dr. Ammundeep Tagore

“We are seeing a significant decrease in new COVID-19 cases recently and a return of the sick medical patients that were once afraid to call 911. This is a step in the right direction as sick patients need to utilize EMS and our services.”


-Dr. Ammundeep Tagore

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COVID-19 Fact of the Week

It is possible – although, less likely – for asymptomatic patients to transmit COVID-19.

MD1’s Hero of the Week

Andy Lovell, NJ MICP, NREMT/P


While working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic and managing Gloucester County EMS, Andy also executed the 2020 Clinical Education Symposium with Rowan University last weekend. It was the first prehospital provider multi-day conference ever
elivered entirely online, and it was amazing! Thank you, Andy, for your continuous dedication to “raising the bar” in prehospital medicine and education.

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